Meet the Young Queen Victoria

By Twm Owen in Local People

LLANDRINDOD Wells is gearing up for its annual Victorian Festival at the end of this month when Joanne Sullivan will appear as the young Queen Victoria.

Joanne, who lives in Glasgow, creates her own Victorian era style clothing and has been creating costumes for the young Queen Victoria ahead of the festival.

She first became aware of festival two years ago and said: "I first found out about the Victorian Festival in Llandrindod in 2014, and I was excited to find that there were other people around the world and a festival that is devoted to something I am passionate about."

Joanne, who documents how she makes her own Victorian dresses on her blog, said she is fascinated by the era.

"I find the whole idea of trying to understand the way Victorians live very fascinating and I love to research what people’s lives were like back then."

However Joanne admitted she wouldn’t swap the modern world for the 19th century: "I would like to see what life would have been like for myself, and how everyone was dressed and how they lived, but due to mortality rates and women’s rights I’d have to say it wouldn’t have been a great time to live in that era, it would’ve definitely been interesting though."

The Victorian Festival takes place from August 22 to 28. For more information about the festival visit and to see Joanne’s blog visit

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