Supporters raised £50K for Drew

By Emma Evans in Local People

GENEROUS well-wishers have helped the family and friends of a three-year-old diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer raise £50,000.

Since Drew Barker-Wright was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer local communities have rallied around to raise funds to pay for treatment not available in the UK.

Family friend Nicola Willis, of the Baker’s Table, Talgarth said the generosity of well-wishers has helped Jon Wright and his wife Melanie Barker remain by their son’s side indefinitely while medics treat the disease.

She said: "Things are very difficult at the moment. The fund now stands at approximately £50k, nearly £20k has been raised via Just Giving and the rest has been a community effort."

Initially, doctors diagnosed Drew as having a Rhaboid Tumour, which is rare in adults and even more so in children. However, after weeks of testing, doctors have found he has a Chordoma Tumour, which is even rarer and equally more difficult to treat.

Chordoma is a rare primary bone cancer which affects the base of the skull, the vertebrae and the coccyx at the base of the spine. The tumour has spread from Drew’s bones and affected his lungs and right arm.

Drew is undergoing chemotherapy to see if the treatment can reduce the size of the tumour before proceeding any further. With very few hospitals specialising in the treatment of the rare condition in the UK, the family may have to travel to Europe or the US for treatment.

"Drew had an operation a week last Friday to try to pin the bones in his neck that have been affected by the cancer and chemo," said Nicola. "This went very well but he is currently very weak. We are continue to fund raise and have organised a Salsa Night on March 11 and a Promise Auction on April 29. Jon and Mel do appreciate everyone’s continued kindness, messages and thoughts."

A Crowdfunding page has been set up and hundreds of supporters have helped raise almost £20k. To support Drew and his family visit

More information on the up and coming fund raising events can be found on the Baker’s Table Facebook page.