Plaid's Brecon and Radnorshire candidate announced

By Twm Owen in Local People

Plaid Cymru has announced its Brecon and Radnorshire candidate for June’s general election.

Kate Heneghan, who is an NHS Wales employee, has been chosen by the party to fight for the seat currently held by Conservative Chris Davies.

The party will be aiming to at least regain its traditional fourth place finish in the constituency.

At the 2015 general election Plaid’s vote slipped below UKIP for the first time in a Westminster or Welsh Assembly election. The party again came in fifth place, behind fourth placed UKIP, at last year’s Welsh Assembly election.

Mrs Heneghan said challenging Chris Davies’ record as MP and preventing Theresa May from a landslide victory has been the driving force behind her decision to stand for parliament.

She said: "Under Conservative rule we have seen our public services decimated. More and more people across Brecon and Radnorshire are having to travel out of county to access health services. This is simply not acceptable.

"Cuts to our welfare system have penalised the most vulnerable in our society, those who need our support the most. We have to do better. Our children are being denied the opportunity of a bilingual education because of cuts handed down from Westminster, cuts that Chris Davies voted for.

"We want our children here in Brecon and Radnorshire to have the same opportunities as other children living in Wales. We have been let down. Our beautiful small towns are becoming ghost towns as more and more local shops in our high streets are closing. We need investment, not cuts."

The mother-of-four, who has lived in Brecon since 1990 with her husband a local GP, was active in the parent teacher association when her sons attended Ysgol Y Bannau in Brecon, and also served as a parent governor at Brecon High School.

The Plaid candidate also questioned Mr Davies’ contribution as an MP.

She said: "I would like to know exactly what has Chris Davies done for us, the people of Brecon and Radnorshire, during his time in office? He has been representing us for two years now. How many of our voters know that Chris Davies has voted for fracking under the Brecon Beacons? This is not acceptable. He has let us down.

"In the Brecon & Radnor Express recently Chris Davies said that he is very proud that his constituency has the lowest unemployment rates in Wales. "However, he failed to mention that wages here are the lowest compared to the rest of Wales – is he proud of that? Mr Davies campaigned hard for Brexit in the last general election campaign. Conservatives promised local farmers they would receive the same subsidies post-Brexit. This year Chris voted against guaranteeing that. He has let us down."

Decisions on health and education are devolved to the Welsh Government or Powys council but overall public spending is determined by the Westminster government.

At the time of the vote on fraking for shale gas in protected areas Mr Davies said it didn’t relate to Wales as the powers were due to be devolved to Wales and the Welsh Assembly had already agreed a moratorium on the process in Wales.

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