Full Brecon and Radnor Powys County Council results

By Twm Owen in Local People

Here are the full Brecon and Radnorshire results for the Powys County Council elections.

Brecknockshire (u = unopposed)


Williams, Sarah Labour (u)


Davies, Stephen Welsh Conservative 227

Laurie-Parry, Karen Independent 248 Elected

Roberts, Gareth Welsh Liberal Democrats 84


Offa, Ashley Vivian Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru 375

Pugh, Jeremy David 432 Elected


Silk, Kathryn Welsh Liberal Democrats (u)


Games, Sam Independent 507

Morris, John Welsh Liberal Democrats 601 Elected


Davies, Sandra Welsh Labour (u)


Like, Martin Welsh Conservative 206

Pryce, James Independent 58

Williams, Roger Hugh Welsh Liberal Democrats 377 Elected


Evans, James Welsh Conservative 414 Elected

Hopkins, Geraint Independent 193


Golesworthy, Robert Welsh Conservative 196

Ratcliffe, Gareth Welsh Liberal Democrats 488 Elected


Price, David Independent (u)


Charlton, Jackie Welsh Liberal Democrats 230 Elected

Legge-Bourke, Harry Welsh Conservative 183

Shugar, Nicolas Alan Independent 31


Brett, Clancy Jane Welsh Conservative 157

Davies, Melanie Independent 155

Durrant, Emily Victoria Wales Green Party 173 Elected


Harris, Rosemarie Independent (u)

Llanwrtyd Wells

Van Rees, Tim Independent (u)


Roderick, Edwin Independent (u)

St David Within (Brecon)

Christley, Frances Elizabeth Wales Green Party 10

Meredith, David William Labour and Co-Operative Party 312 Elected

Morgans, Steve Independent 153

Weale, Martin Independent 182

St John (Brecon)

Dorrance, Matthew James Labour and Co-Operative Party 1008 Elected

Ham, Alexandra Helen Wales Green Party 51

McIntosh, Iain Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 302

St Mary (Brecon)

Bennett, Sam Welsh Liberal Democrats 321

Ham, Gren Wales Green Party 119

Lewis, Sarah Rachel Welsh Conservative Party 485 Elected

Williams, Ieuan Welsh Labour 246


Dixon, Ryan Welsh Labour 95

Powell, William Welsh Liberal Democrats 520 Elected


Fitzpatrick, Liam (u)

Tawe Uchaf

Thomas, David Welsh Labour (u)


McNicholas, Susan Welsh Labour (u)


No nominations received


Williams, Huw Welsh Labour (u)



Powell, Rachel Independent 353 Elected

Watson, Alan Cecil Independent 252

Disserth and Trecoed

Newton, Chris Welsh Liberal Democrats 157

Robinson, Dorienne Julia The Green Party 50

Williams, Gwilym Welsh Conservative 377 Elected


Gibson-Watt, James Welsh Liberal Democrats 725 Elected

Hood, Alan Welsh Conservative 358


Medlicott, Peter Welsh Conservative 302

Williams, Ange Independent 659 Elected

Llanbadarn Fawr

Powell, John Independent 192

Sivier, Mike Welsh Labour 52

Weale, Martin Jonathan Independent 274 Elected

Llandrindod East/West

Carmichael, Chris The Green Party 91

Hartley, Christopher John Welsh Conservative 73

Makusha, Brian Welsh Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship" 19 Markinson, David Dennis Independent 21

Tampin, Keith 95

Williams, Jon Independent 123 Elected

Llandrindod North

Mason, John Francis Welsh Labour 132

Price, Gary Welsh Conservative 360 Elected

Webb, Benjamin Fredrick The Green Party 177

Llandrindod South

Davis, Grace Kathleen Welsh Labour 100

Green, Jeff Welsh Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship" 177 Roberts, Peter Roberts Welsh Liberal Democrats 272 Elected

Turner, Tom Welsh Conservative Party 248


Baker, Andrew Charles Stuart Welsh Conservative 164

Mackenzie, Maureen Welsh Liberal Democrats 326 Elected


Hayward, Edmund Richard Welsh Conservative 230

Lewis, Hywel Independent 350 Elected


Cooke, Jane Elizabeth Fey The Green Party 37

Davies, Les Independent 125

Evans, Geraint Independent 33

Mills, Claire Welsh Conservative Party 291 Elected

Parris, Elspeth Madeleine Welsh Labour 57


Evans, David Independent 434 Elected

Jenkins, Donald Wilfred Independent 139

Old Radnor

Michael Jones Independent (u)


Banks, Garry Richard Independent 200

Baynham, Beverley Independent 785 Elected

Toomey, Wendy Anne Independent 219


Curry, Kelvyn Watson Welsh Liberal Democrats 555 Elected

Minshull, Catrin Welsh Conservative 135

Including results from Montgomeryshire the final make-up of Powys County Council is:

Independents: 30

Conservatives: 19

Liberal Democrats: 13

Labour: 7

Plaid Cymru: 2

Green Party: 1

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