Brecon Corries chairman stands down

By Brecon and Radnor Reporter in Football

BRECON Corries have paid tribute to club chairman Barry Jones after his decision to quit his role was announced at Sunday’s AGM.

Barry Jones had held the position for seven years during which time he helped the club rebuild after relegation and some financial instability to the more secure position the club is in today.

The announcement came during the club’s annual meeting at The Bank pub in Brecon. Barry will remain as the club’s treasurer and the chairman’s role will remain vacant until a suitable candidate comes forward.

Club vice chairman and secretary Adam Jones said family and work commitments meant he was not in a position to consider taking over as chairman himself and Barry had been in a similar position juggling the roles of treasurer and chairman.

He said: “We’ve all got plenty on our plates at the moment. I’ve got a young family and so’s Baz and with our jobs it’s difficult to juggle our club commitments with our domestic and work arrangements.

“We can afford to keep the position of chairman open at the moment and carry on as we’re doing, so hopefully the right candidate will come forward and put their names forward.”

Barry said: “There’s a couple of people I’d like to give thanks to, my brother Adam and Damien Daniels, the manager, and coaches Wayne Pritchard and Les Mellor, and the big one for me is Bob Davies and Jeff Smith.

“Those two boys already had the Brecon and Radnor Sports Award and I’d like to thank those two in particular for what they’ve done over the years.

“We went through a bad spell before I took over but Bob and Jeff were there to steady the ship.

“It’s hard as both me and Adam are in the military and work away but the club wouldn’t be here without Bob and Jeff and their involvement over 50 years. Others have come and gone but those two have always been there.”

In a tribute to Barry, who held the job for seven years, a club statement said: “Baz has been a strong leader, a shining example and inspiration if you ever need one. Direct in his approach - he gets results. And where the club stands today is testament to Barry’s vision, strategic nouse and plain old hard work.

“Barry took on the mantle of Brecon Corries Chairman in 2010, at a time when the club was surrounded in uncertainty - a relegation season previous, new management and coaching staff had just come in, in financial dire straights - difficult times for the Corries.

But we now have a club that is financially secure; we have a junior structure that is growing and strengthening year on year; the club has a hard working committee, albeit a small one, that ensures that this club functions 365 days a year, not just during the football season.

“Baz’s seven years at the helm has laid the foundations for the next generation of Brecon Corries players, and indeed the future generations after that. And as such we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

“Much of his work and dedication goes unseen by the majority; his implementation of administrative and financial processes now means that Brecon Corries FC and everyone that plays under that umbrella is self sufficient - we no longer have to rely on sponsorship and investment/handouts to fund the day to day running of the club.

“Very few clubs in football can honestly say that! Baz has implemented the important infrastructural changes to the club too - new showers throughout, new referee changing and showering facilities, refurb of the T-bar, floodlight upgrade and maintenance, new dugouts and pitch railings, new goal nets, new strimmers and mowers so that we are now able to save thousands of pounds by maintaining our pitch ourselves.

“All of this has been a success…..but it’s his work in introducing a Brecon Corries Junior structure to the club that is his legacy here at the Corries.

By bringing Brecon Corries Juniors - who were previously a separate entity from us - under our umbrella and putting an additional committee in place to manage and run that, this club can continue to produce the next generation of sportsmen and sportswomen in this community.

“Barry’s decision to stand down as Brecon Corries Chairman should be seen as the beginning of a new chapter for the Corries.

Baz has set the standard, laid the foundations for us all to follow and emulate. And this is not the end - he will continue as the club’s treasurer and will focus his attention on the continued development of the junior set-up, and most importantly, spend more time with Liz and Stanley.”