‘Baa' bill at Brecon Tap helps out mountain rescue team

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Brecon and Radnor Reporter

by Brecon and Radnor Reporter

THE Brecon Tap has invented a novel way for its regulars to get behind the rescue team that helps find people who go missing in the Brecon Beacons.

On the right-hand wall as you enter the bar from The Bulwark entrance is a huge mural depicting the local mountains as they appear from the town.

Dotted around the fields in the tableau are figures of sheep, which the bar sells to customers to help raise funds for the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team.

William Phillips, who owns the Tap, says the white sheep are available for £5 each and can be decorated by their purchasers before they are attached to the wall.

William, who worked in the bar for two years before he recently took over the lease, says the sheep have proved really popular with his customers and the fields on the mural are rapidly filling up.

William came up with the idea after he noticed fewer donations were being made in the bar’s charity boxes.

With the growth of swipe-card technology, more and more customers are paying for their drinks electronically, rather than with cash, meaning fewer customers are leaving their change as a charitable donation.

William said customers can now buy the sheep and put the £5 they cost on their bar bill.

He said: “I wanted a way to support the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team in an innovated, interesting and fun way and came up with the idea of selling the sheep, letting people decorate them as they wanted, then putting them up on the wall. All the proceeds go to the team.”

The flock is more than 200-strong with sheep donated by customers from as far afield as the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, France and Spain, as well as all over the UK.

There are also plenty of supporting characters and other objects that have made their way onto the wall. William says his novel idea has resulted in more than £1,600 being raised for the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team through sales of the sheep and additional donations.

Kevin Harding, the fundraising officer for the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, said, “William and his staff are doing a fantastic job.

“It’s a novel way for the local community to support the team and it complements our blue collection boxes which are seeing a bit of a downturn as people use less change to purchase items, preferring to use cards instead.

“We are very grateful for any donations we receive from the public.”