Barclays Bank will be bringing a mobile van service to Brecon, after its closure on the high street earlier this year.

The branch, located on The Bulwark, closed its doors on Friday, August 25. It left many residents questioning if anything would replace it, but comes after many banks across the UK close their doors.

Brecon Barclays cited a drop in the number of customers using the branch as the main reason for its closure.

According to Barclays, 85 per cent of people who use the Brecon branch have also banked using the app, online and by phone in 2021. They also added that just 26 customers use this branch regularly, as the only way to do their banking.

Now, Barclays will offer a mobile van every Tuesday between between 10am and 2pm at Brecon's Morrisons. The van will be available until the banking hub opens formally.