Charlotte Church has announced a new vocal empowerment program which will be held at her retreat in the Elan Valley.

The celebrated Welsh singer, songwriter, activist, and wellbeing practitioner has today announced her 'Song of the Soul' initiative.

'Song of the Soul' is described as a transformative wellbeing program that blends scientific research, ancient indigenous practices, and Church's personal experiences with sound to help people uncover their unique voice in the world.

Curated and led by the singer herself at her wellbeing Retreat, The Dreaming in the Elan Valley, this innovative series of signature retreats is scheduled throughout 2024 and will also include a delicious dose of power ballading at night and silent discos at dawn.

The Dreaming
The program will be led by Church herself at her Mid Wales wellness retreat The Dreaming (Elliot Cooper)

Inspired by her own decades-long vocal journey as ‘The Voice of An Angel’, and later as a voice for political change where she held press and media to account on issues like phone hacking and invasion of privacy, emerging as a prominent anti-austerity activist who also used her voice to campaign against misogyny and sexism, Church now wants her life experience and work to empower others in discovering their authentic selves, and to understand and harness the power of their own voice in the world.

Commenting on her new venture, Charlotte Church said: “This isn’t about singing and voice in a performance sense, and you don’t need to be a singer to take part.Singing and using your voice is a birth right and we use this to ask, ‘Who are we and what is our place and role in the world?’. Although it took courage for me to speak out on many things, for a long time I’d been hiding. Because I was being so observed, I felt I had to be contained so I could protect a lot of people, including myself,and so my ability to be vulnerable and to really re-write my soul and story felt totally out of reach. But through exploratory vocal practises, breath work and finding a deep connection to joy I’ve found my voice again.

"I want to share this knowledge and practises with other people, so we can start to explore what might be holding you back and gently guide those parts of you into the light eventually discovering what makes your soul sing and what you want to give to the world.”

From her teenage years, Church has understood the significant power of voice. Following the remarkable success of her debut album "Voice of an Angel" at the age of 12, which garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, she found herself performing for Popes, presidents, and royalty across the globe. By 2007 she had sold 10 million albums worldwide and as she toured the world, collaborating with vocal giants like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban, and Usher, she discovered the profound spiritual impact her music could have on people, deepening their connection to nature and inspiring a return to child-like curiosity and play. She now feels that she wants to return to this by harnessing all that she has learned to help others.

Charlotte Church
Church bought Rhydoldog House in 2021 (Elliot Cooper)

On what participants can expect, Church added: “During your time at the ‘Song of The Soul’ retreat at The Dreaming, nature will be a constant companion and source of inspiration with practices like 'Singing to the Land’ and crafting with natural materials, drawing from the ancient practices of our ancestors so we re-connect with who we are and where we are from. 

"But it’s not all soul-searching and deep diving into your emotions - we’re also gonna have bags of fun as you join me for power ballading at night and silent discos at dawn – and we’ll even create our own music. It’s important to stress again that this retreat is for EVERYONE, singers, and non-singers alike. You do not have to be a musician to unlock the power of your voice.” 

The unique offering, which will be curated and led by Church herself is a significant addition to her Elan Valley Wellbeing Retreat, The Dreaming. It is inspired by research that shows the profound impact that breathwork and sound healing can have on emotional and physical health, along with powerful and ancient indigenous practices that reconnect with the land, nature, community, roots, and song. 

Commenting on her journey and the possibility of empowering others Charlotte Church said: "I just have a very deep love for humanity, and it pains me to see what this tumultuous world is doing to people’s mental health and wellbeing. Whether through experiences like 'the dreaming' or 'song of the soul,' my goal is to equip people with tools they can take home, also empowering them to be healers in their owncommunities. ‘Song of the Soul' is a culmination of my life's work, and I am looking forward to sharing this transformative programme with others, which is open to anyone who wants to feel empowered, loved and rooted in themselves.” 

For more information about the 'Song of the Soul' programme and The Dreaming Retreat, please visit: