ONE of the model dinosaurs at the National Showcaves centre in Dan Yr Ogof has made the perilous journey along the M4 to a back garden in Cwmbran after being sold in an auction for charity.

Jerry Adams made the winning bid of £1,600 so he could put the 15ft-high dino in his back garden to help create a sensory garden for his three autistic grandchildren.

The money from his bid will go to charity JDRF, which helps people with type one diabetes.

The idea of an auction came from Ashford Price, the caves’ owner, whose son and grandson both live with type 1 diabetes.

Ashford said: “Diabetes is a difficult medical condition even for adults, but for young children it is so much harder. Some young children have six insulin injections every day just to stay alive. I am sure someone will want our dinosaur either for a promotional tool, or maybe for a children’s hospice. Or to put in their garden!”

The winning bid was announced on St David’s Day (March 1) and the Allosaurus, modelled on a theropod dinosaur from 150 million years ago, was soon loaded on to a trailer for its trip to south Wales.