Picture This: Our top photos of the week!

Here are our favourite photographs taken by our ‘Picture This’ group on Facebook. This week’s theme was water!

By Joe Corrick   |   Reporter   |
Wednesday 11th May 2022 4:00 pm
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Llandod Lake
Llandod Lake in the evening (Garth Maul (FB) )

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Llangorse Lake
Sunlight on the water at Llangorse Lake (Jane Simone (FB) ) (Jane Simone (FB))

Our Picture of the week this week was taken by Jane Simone. Jane’s stunning photograph shows the sun setting over Llangorse Lake.

Brecon canal
Brecon canal (Lance Tucker (FB) ) (Lance Tucker (FB))

A lovely photo captured and sent in by Lance Tucker, of a canal boat on the Brecon canal.

Penygarreg dam Elan Valley
Penygarreg dam Elan Valley (Anna Edwards (FB) ) (Anna Edwards (FB))

A wonderful image of Penygarreg dam, Elan Valley taken by Anna Edwards.

Caban Coch reservoir Elan Valley
Caban Coch reservoir Elan Valley (November 2020) (Mark Edwards (FB) ) (Mark Edwards (FB))

A lovely photograph taken by Mark Edwards of Caban Coch reservoir, Elan Valley, taken in November 2020.

Groesffordd (Vanessa Usher (FB) ) (Vanessa Usher (FB))

A brilliant photograph captured and submitted by Vanessa Usher of Groesffordd.

Priory Groves
Priory Groves (Vanessa Usher (FB) ) (Vanessa Usher (FB))

A fantastic photograph of Priory Groves taken by Vanessa Usher.

Wye at Glasbury
Reflections on the Wye at Glasbury (Peta Mellors (FB) ) (Peta Mellors (FB))

A wonderful photograph of reflections on the river Wye at Glasbury, taken by Peta Mellors.

Ducks at Llyswen
Ducks at Llyswen (Mark Keane (FB) ) (Mark Keane (FB))

A lovely wildlife shot taken by Mark Keane of ducks at Llyswen.

Llandod Lake
Llandod Lake in the evening (Garth Maul (FB) ) (Garth Maul (FB))

A brilliant photograph of Llandod Lake in the evening taken by Garth Maul.

Swallow just taken a drink at Llyswen (Mark Keane (FB) ) (Mark Keane (FB))

A fantastic photograph of a swallow just after having a drink at Llyswen, captured by Mark Keane.

River Honddu
River Honddu (Annie Lewis (FB) ) (Annie Lewis (FB))

A lovely photo captured by Annie Lewis of her dog and the river Honddu.

river Usk
View of the River Usk from Newton Green Park, Llanfaes. (Cazz Eliza (FB) ) (Cazz Eliza (FB))

A wonderful photo captured by Cazz Eliza that shows a view of the River Usk from Newton Green Park, Llanfaes.

Llangorse Lake
Llangorse Lake (Zoe Mathias Photography ) (Zoe Mathias Photography)

A fantastic photo submitted by Zoe Mathias of Llangorse Lake.

Llangorse lake
A swan on Llangorse lake (Liz Richards (FB) ) (Liz Richards (FB))

A fantastic photo of a swan on Llangorse Lake, submitted to us by Liz Richards.

Brecon Beacons
The Brecon Beacons. (Richard Price (FB) ) (Richard Price (FB))

A stunning photograph taken by Richard Price whilst he was out riding his bike in the Beacons.

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