Picture This: This week’s top green photographs

Here is a collection of our best green photos taken by our ‘Picture This’ photography group on Facebook.

By Joe Corrick   |   Reporter   |
Wednesday 20th July 2022 12:00 pm
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Bright Green
(Jacqueline Davis (Facebook) )

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(Len Meekest (Facebook) )

A stunning view from the 12th Tee, taken by Len Meeke.

(Andrew Davis (Facebook) )

A lovely photo of the canal taken by Andrew Davis.

(Rach Price (Facebook) )

A stunning photo taken and submitted by Rach Price.

(Charlie Newman (Facebook) )

A photo of a fantastic hedgerow sent in by Charlie Newman.

(Kath James (Facebook) )

A great photo of some plants taken by Kath James.

(Liz Richards (Facebook) )

A photo of a wonderful view taken by Liz Richards.

(Vanessa Usher (Facebook) )

A brilliant photo of a hedgehog in amongst some green grass.

Burma Star Flag
(Susan Adele Hughes (Facebook )

A great photo taken by Susan Adele Hughes, of her husband holding the Burma Star Flag.

(Susan Adele Hughes (Facebook) )

A great green photo sent in by Susan Adele Hughes.

(Susan Adele Hughes (Facebook) )

Another fantastic green submission by Susan Adele Hughes.

Bright Green
(Jacqueline Davis (Facebook) )

A brilliant bright green image, taken and sent in by Jacqueline Davis .

(Fred Davies (Facebook) )

A fantastic green photo taken by Fred Davies.

Another great photo sent in by Jacqueline Davis, this time with a four-legged friend!
(Jacqueline Davis (Facebook) )

Another great photo sent in by Jacqueline Davis, this time with a four-legged friend!

An elephant hawk moth caterpillar.
(Peta Mellors )

A very intriguing photo sent in by Peta Mellors of an elephant hawk moth caterpillar that was spotted in her garden last year.

Green Garden
(Peta Mellors (Facebook) )

A wonderful photo of a green garden sent in by Peta Mellors.

(Zoe Mathias Photography )

A wonderful photograph taken by Zoe Mathias of a bee on top of a green thistle.

(Zoe Mathias Photography )

Another fantastic image captured by Zoe Mathias of Bluebell Woods in Crickhowell.

(Susan Adele Hughes (Facebook) )

Another great photo sent in by Susan Adele Hughes, of the view from her dads back garden.

(Alison Skipper (Facebook) )

A brilliant photo of, ‘the calm before the Royal Welsh Show - the River Wye at Builth.’ Taken and sent in by Alison Skipper.

(Kate Davies (Facebook) )

A great photograph taken by Kate Davies of, ‘The Fresh Green of spring with bluebells dotted throughout.’

Black Mountains
(Alison Jones (Facebook) )

A beautiful picture of the Black Mountains, taken by Alison Jones.

(Jacqueline Davis (Facebook) )

A fantastic picture sent in by Jacqueline Davis.

(Jacqueline Davis (Facebook) )

Another stunning picture taken and sent in by Jacqueline Davis.

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