The Young Promoter’s scheme is back in Newbridge-on-Wye Primary School with a great Christmas show to raise the spirits and keep the bad news away for an hour or two.

The Likely Story’s new Christmas show ‘Lost Christmas’ will premier at Newbridge Community Hall on Tuesday, November 21. The box office opens at 5pm for a 6pm start.

All ages and families are welcome from local communities.

Tickets are only £2 for children and £3 for adults.

This fabulous show comes to you by the incredibly hard work of 28 Young Promoters from Year 5 and 6 at Newbridge-on-Wye Primary School in Powys.

Blue MacAskill, who runs Young Promoters Programmes in Mid Wales and Powys is very excited: “This is going to be a wonderful night, not to be missed, these tickets are heavily subsidised by arts council and powys county council, so families get a night out for under a tenner, rather than tickets at £10/£15 for high quality live theatre - it’s a no-brainer.

“We are in tough times, and grants are being cut all over, so this is a really important opportunity for young children to be exposed to high quality arts and culture from a Welsh theatre Company on tour in rural Powys”

What's the show about?

Ancient Solstice Legend tells, the Holly King and Oak King are locked in a never-ending battle for the seasons, a battle of Light and Dark…at least, they were… 

Closer to home, in the depths of the Archive of Lost and Forgotten, Blodwen and Gordon are locked in a never-ending battle over Christmas decorations. It’s Christmas Eve and Blodwen has lost all track of time archiving a Wintery looking crown. Unbeknownst to them, they are in danger of archiving themselves along with it.


How can you lose Christmas? And what even is a Nigh? Can Gordon and Blodwen put aside their differences to rediscover the light in the darkness and bring back Christmas? And what did happen to the Holly King and Oak King?

Join Likely Story for this magical, daft and joyful festive family adventure.