The Farmers’ Union of Wales has paid tribute to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

The union has shown its appreciation for the 70 years of dignified service given by the late Queen.

FUW President, Glyn Roberts said: “On behalf of all the members of the FUW we extend our sympathies to the family of the Queen at a time of great loss to them as a family.

“It must be of some comfort to the family that their loss is felt by people across Wales not least within the farming community. I will be writing to His Majesty, King Charles III to convey our thoughts and sympathies at this time.”

Deputy President Ian Rickman added: “Our members wish to express their sympathy and condolences to the Royal Family and it’s only right and proper that we do so as the Farmers’ Union of Wales. As an Union we are rightly proud of our history, not least our establishment back in 1955.

It’s quite remarkable therefore to reflect on the fact that throughout our history we have only known a time when the Queen was the monarch - a fact that illustrates the longevity of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.”