A PLUCKY group of motorcyclists have just returned home after riding across Europe to Brecon on a mission to rescue a relationship.

The Blauraedle Motorcycle Club are from the picturesque town of Blaubeuren, in south Germany’s Swabia region, which once had an official twinning relationship with the old Borough of Brecknock.

Although the borough is no more, the twinning continued but in the last few years contacts have been less frequent and the link was in danger of going into hibernation.

The five bikers – Lothar Schwarzenbolz, Gerhard Knehr, Siegfried Hermanski, Dieter Kuebeck and Klaus Jans – riding Harley-Davidsons, a Triumph, and BMW were greeted by Bwlch resident Andrew Jenkins, who has met Blaubeuren delegations in the past.

Mr Jenkins lived in Blaubeuren 40 years ago and was present at the signing of the partnership document in 1979 with his friend Michael Strauch who came to Brecon on a school exchange in the early 1970s.

It was also in 1979 that the Blauraedle club was founded.

As the dual 40th anniversaries approach, Herr Schwarzenbold thought it important to revitalise the link with Brecon.

So with the blessing of Blaubeuren mayor Joerg Seibold he set off with his keen crew on a 2,000 mile round trip to meet up with Mr Jenkins who once rode a Triumph Bonneville with the club when in Germany.

“It was great to take to the road again with the club after all these years,” said Mr Jenkins, who hired a BMW sports tourer for a day, “ a real pleasure to take the lads along the magnificent motorcycling roads of mid Wales.”

The group took time off from the saddle to visit Brecon Cathedral, the theatre and canal on their flying visit as well as the George Hotel. It was here in the early 1970s that the-then landlord came up with the idea of a twinning with Blaubeuren.

The New Inn, Bwlch played host to the Swabish visitors and as a mark of friendship landlord Neil Pritchard was made a vice-president of the newly-formed Bwlch “chapter” of MC Blauraedle along with Mr Jenkins.

Herr Schwarz-enbolz said: “We really enjoyed our time in Brecknock, the people were friendly and the countryside spectacular.

“We would like to return again some time.”

But plans are now being formed in Bwlch for a visit to Blaubeuren next year for the double celebrations and an old Triumph motorcycle is about to undergo a thorough restoration in time for the trip next summer.