The farming community will come together at Brecon Livestock Market today, not only to trade their livestock but also to look after their mental health

The DPJ Foundation, a charity supporting those in agriculture with poor mental health will be attending Brecon Livestock Market today (Tuesday), to share their support with the local community, and the opportunity to learn about their services. 

The charity is welcoming all those at market and everyone in the community, to join them for a cuppa and learn more about the support the charity provides, as well as about the support the community can provide for each other. There will be a ‘Get to Know Us’ meet up from 12pm-12:30pm, where members of the community can become familiar with the charity’s services and local volunteers, followed by a Mental Health Awareness Training Session at 12:45pm-4pm, for those who wish to stay. 

The DPJ Foundation has trained more than 2,700 people working within or alongside the agricultural sector. Kay Helyar, the Charity Training Manager at The DPJ Foundation will be carrying out the training session, following sessions created and originally delivered by the charity Founder Emma O’Sullivan, after losing her husband Daniel Picton Jones to suicide in 2016. Together, Emma and Kay have developed the charity’s Mental Health Awareness Training to equip the agricultural sector and community with an understanding of how to support those with poor mental health and look after themselves.  

Kay said: “We are grateful to McCartney’s for giving us the café at Brecon Livestock Market for this Mental Health Awareness session. Markets have such an important role in supporting the wellbeing of the farming community, so many farmers work long hours and alone, the opportunity to spend time with other people is vital. The market is a place where you can have a chat with other farmers, share your news or your worries.

"With this session we are giving the farming community the opportunity to learn skills, such as spotting the signs when someone might be struggling with their mental health, to open up conversations and to know where to sign-post people for expert support, if they need it.”

Kay will be joined at the market by local volunteers, also known as Regional Champions for the charity. These volunteers regularly attend market and other local agricultural events to raise awareness around poor mental health and highlight the services and support available from The DPJ Foundation across Brecon and the surrounding area.

They will also be joined by Charity Manager Kate Miles who can provide more information about the charity’s confidential 24/7 ‘Share the Load’ helpline service, where other specially trained volunteers will listen to concerns and offer access to free mental health support and professional counselling, with no waiting list. 

You can find out more about the The DPJ Foundation and their training by visiting the livestock market, or you can visit their website: