James Evans MS has raised concerns for the future of tourism in the Brecon and Radnorshire area. Looking ahead at the Easter holidays, and the influx of tourists to the area, Mr Evans has said that Welsh Labour legislation has hit local tourism businesses hard.

Tourism spending supports local shops, pubs, restaurants, and other visitor attractions.

However, Mr Evans is becoming increasingly concerned for the future of many holiday accommodation businesses in his constituency.

Self-catering holiday providers have been hit with Welsh Labour legislation that means they now have to achieve 182-day occupancy rates to qualify for non-domestic rate relief.

He says failure to meet these new Welsh Government occupancy rates means many businesses are being put into Council Tax, and as the homes are businesses and not owner occupied, they are being hit with the second-home council tax premiums – meaning they could potentially have to pay up to three times the standard council tax payment.

James Evans MS said: “The changes brought in by Welsh Government are hurting the tourism sector with many business owners saying they are no longer viable and closing for good.

“Whether it is the new 182-day occupancy ruling, the new fire regulations, recycling waste regulations, or the impending Tourism tax – all of these measures are increasing costs to businesses at a time when they are struggling to make a living. With 1 in 7 jobs in Wales dependent on the Tourism sector, Welsh Labour should be supporting them, not hurting them!

“I am most concerned for those businesses along the proposed pylon route, and near the energy parks. If these proposals go ahead, they will have a disastrous impact on our communities, on our landscape, and on the tourism trade which we so heavily rely upon.”