Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds, who alongside Plaid Cymru’s Luke Fletcher has been one of the leading voices calling for a ban on greyhound racing welcomed a commitment by the Welsh Government to consult on a possible ban on the practice in Wales.

Commenting on the news Jane Dodds said: “I welcome this news today as a first step towards banning the cruel practice of greyhound racing in Wales. 

“As many will know I have continuously campaigned for a ban since being elected and rescued my own racing greyhound Arthur who sadly passed away recently.

“Greyhound racing leaves dogs traumatised, Arthur was a very anxious dog. His back legs went, and he had a serious neck injury from racing."

Jane Dodds / Welsh Liberal Democrats
(Jane Dodds / Welsh Liberal Democrats)

“I don't want any more Arthurs," said Jane. "I don't want any more dogs that come out like Arthur. 

“We have to ban greyhound racing and I will continue to work cross-party to do so.”