A FILM about life in Llandovery College more than half a century ago has been released as a DVD.

The film, called ’A Year in the Life of Llandovery College - Filmed in the 1950s’, was made by two 15-year-old twin brothers who attended the school in the mid-1950s and so inspired one of the college’s younger pupils, David Wynn-Jones, that he went on to forge a career as an award-winning film maker.

David, who has assistant camera and focus puller credits on a variety of hit movies including 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Italian Job, Superman II and The Exorcist, is now settled back in Britain and directs food advertising commercials. He is currently working on a photographic and film archive of the college and was behind the DVD’s release.

David never forgot that early film and set out to find it. Eventually he tracked down one of the brothers, Hugh Jones, who lives in Gower. Hugh had not viewed the film for almost 40 years. Indeed, the film, in a very old fashioned black-and-white format, was stored in an attic and well nigh forgotten but he was happy for David to make use of it.

Hugh went on to work in education after studying at Bangor University and then Oxford University. His twin, Alun, qualified as a doctor at St Mary’s Hospital in London and then ran a private general practice until his recent retirement.

Having located the film, David then used his technical expertise to transfer it onto a DVD format, adding titles and reducing the marks of time.

David said: "That two 15-year-old twin boys made this film in the mid-1950s is a considerable achievement. They worked with real film, expensive at the time, with very limited film stock and with only basic equipment. Not only do they tell a fascinating story of life in a public school at that time, the film makers also introduce us to many who had already, or who later, made their mark in Wales and beyond including (former international rugby player) Carwyn James, (Pobol y Cwm actor) Huw Caredig, (Llanelli rugby player) Dai Gealy and (the poet and broadcaster) Aneirin Talfan Davies... .

"I was delighted to have found this film that had such an important impact on my life. The film also represents a most valuable archive of a school, its staff, pupils and activities including footage of rugby, cricket, the cadet force, chapel, visiting dignitaries and most importantly, the end of term!"

David is keen that anyone who has old images and photos of College life contacts the school to arrange for the material to be scanned for the school’s archive and then returned.

The DVD (cost £15 plus postage) was launched at Llandovery College before the Christmas holidays. The DVD or a downloaded version is available for purchase from the college shop by telephoning 01550 723060 or emailing [email protected]. Proceeds will be used towards future media projects at the school.