Due to local concerns about excessive speed and the need for lower limits Police and Crime Commissioner, Dafydd Llywelyn (Plaid Cymru) took a road trip to meet residents and campaigners in the Cwmdu Valley, Trefecca and Talgarth area.

Invited by County Councillors Chloe Masefield and William Powell ,the Commissioner listened to concerns from residents and householders in the areas.

Talgarth & District Regeneration Group
Dafydd Llywelyn meets Community Library volunteers Wynona and Jacob, together with Cllr William Powell at Ysgol-y-Mynydd Du, Talgarth. (Talgarth & District Regeneration Group)

Dafydd Llywelyn heard positive testimonies as to the value of the Police Education Officers, especially in early resolution of issues and on bringing a valued external perspective into school. Whilst the Welsh Government were committed to cut the funding for the service, which currently sits with the Health Budget, due to financial pressure, Dafydd Llywelyn committed to continuing to fund it from other resources for this school year, whilst undertaking to seek to secure it for the longer term, if successful in re-election.

Talgarth & District Regeneration Group
Dafydd Llywelyn hearing first hand accounts of excessive speed on the A479 Bronllys Road, Talgarth from local resident and school governor Anna Lote. (Talgarth & District Regeneration Group)

Commissioner Llywelyn’s final visit was to Trefecca. He observed the lack of regard for speed restrictions in the heart of the historic village and its effect on the health and wellbeing of local residents.

Talgarth & District Regeneration Group
Local Trefecca speed campaigners Mike Marcheselli and Cllr Andrew Lord with Dafydd Llywelyn and OPCC Engagement Advisor Emily Wheeler. (Talgarth & District Regeneration Group)

On this matter, as well as the issue of road safety at Pont-y-bat on the A470, in a briefing document provided by Cllr Tom Colbert (Bronllys with Felinfach), Commissioner Llywelyn undertook to make representations, based on what he had seen and heard.

Talgarth & District Regeneration Group
The footway alongside the A479 Bronllys Road that links Talgarth and Bronllys. (Talgarth & District Regeneration Group)

Commenting on the day, Dafydd Llewelyn said: “It was great to meet so many residents in Cwmdu, Trefecca and Talgarth, as well as to listen to their current issues and concerns regarding the speeding on the A479 and through the village of Trefecca, as well as the genuine appreciation at Ysgol-y-Mynydd Du of the importance of the Police Education Service.

 “Since our meeting we have been making sure that letters of support have been sent out to the relevant people, including Lee Waters and Jack Sergeant MS and to Powys County Council. I wish to extend my thanks to all whom I met on the afternoon for their time, and for their honesty in expressing their current troubles. I really do hope that changes will be made in the near future.”