Wales is playing a key role in providing the UK with a secure and diverse energy system, says Fay Jones.

The Brecon and Radnorshire MP and Wales Office Minister was responding to questions from MPs in the Commons.

She said the Government is going further to ensure the country’s energy security by supporting the oil and gas industry and investing to scale up renewable energy production, such as floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea.

In terms of nuclear power, Ms Jones said that when Labour were in power, they did “next to nothing” to advance the cause of nuclear energy in this country.

She said that “in stark contrast”, progress is now being made.

Ms Jones said the Government has stepped in with £96 billion of support to mitigate the impact of energy bills.

When Labour was in power, seven per cent of the country’s energy supply came from renewable sources compared with just under 15 per cent now.

Ms Jones reported that the Crown Estate is hosting a bidders’ day to drive forward plans for innovative floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea

The Government is supporting work being done to secure a long-term pipeline of projects in the Celtic Sea.

Questioned on the coming loss of jobs at the Tata Steelworks in Port Talbot, Ms Jones said it is important to recognise that investment from the Government has saved thousands of jobs across the UK.

She said: “The transition board is working with the individuals affected in Port Talbot, which is the proper and right thing to do.

“I am glad that both the UK and Welsh Governments are working towards that - it is absolutely the right outcome.

“We need to think about these things in the wider context, which is our responsibility.

“This Government had provided the transition board with £80 million. We have not seen any of the £20 million that the Welsh Labour Government has promised.

“But indications so far are that moving away from steelmaking would not have a direct impact on national security.”