Nearly 200 children and teachers from Trefonnen Church in Wales Community Primary School marched into Llandrindod Wells for a peaceful protest recently.

The demonstration, held on on Tuesday, May 17, was inspired by the Urdd’s Centenary Peace and Goodwill Message which focusses on the climate emergency. It is a call to action by the children and young people of Wales to the young people of the world, to use the importance and power of their voice to urge governments and large corporations to take urgent action to save our planet.

The 200-strong group of school pupils protested Llandrindod Wells. (.)

Children in Trefonnen’s Criw Cymraeg and Eco Committees came together to urge teachers to help them stage a whole-school peaceful protest to raise awareness of the important Climate Emergency message.

Teachers and staff quickly rallied round and helped the children to organise the event. Classes created banners, posters, placards, songs and chants with messages in both English and Welsh such as “There’s No Planet B” “Be part of the solution, not the pollution” and “One Planet, One Chance.”

On the day, nearly 200 children, aged 4-11 years walked from Trefonnen school along Tremont Road, around Station Crescent and down Middleton Street.

Cars and other passing vehicles tooted their horns in support, people stopped to wave and owners of shops and businesses came out onto the pavement to clap and greet the children. Parents gathered on street corners to cheer, and there was an uplifting atmosphere of energy and hope.

Some of the signs displayed on the day that were created by the children (.)

Encouraged by the support shown, the children relentlessly chanted their chants, banged their percussion instruments and waved their signs. They continued around South Crescent and along Tremont road all the way back to school, their legs tired but their hearts and spirits gladdened and empowered.

On May 18, photos of the peaceful protest were put out on social media with the hashtag #Heddwch100 (Peace100) to help share the message all over the world.

Ffion and Rosa from the Eco Committee said: “We want to help the environment thrive and keep our planet clean and alive!”