Diabetes is a serious condition where your blood glucose level is too high. It can happen when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin or when you can’t produce any at all.

There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 & type 2. More than 200,000 people in Wales are now living with diabetes. This is 8% of the population aged 17 and over - the highest prevalence in the UK - and the numbers are rising every year. Despite the significant impact of diabetes on health and well-being, many individuals may not realise they have the condition until complications arise. In recognition of the importance of proactive health management, GPs are urging individuals to prioritise their health by scheduling regular diabetes check-ups.

Regular check-ups are vital for individuals living with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels, assess their overall health, and detect any potential complications early. These appointments typically involve comprehensive evaluations conducted by healthcare professionals, including blood tests, physical examinations, and discussions about lifestyle management.

 Gareth Ratcliffe, PAVO health promotion facilitator for MID-Powys GPS said: "Regular check-ups provide an opportunity for individuals with diabetes to track their progress, identify any changes in their health status, and receive guidance on optimising their diabetes management."

Studies have shown that a significant number of individuals with diabetes may not adhere to recommended screening guidelines. Factors such as busy schedules, fear of medical procedures, and lack of awareness about the importance of check-ups may contribute to this trend.

Aled Edwards, a diabetes advocate and individual living with diabetes, shared his perspective: "As someone managing diabetes, I understand the importance of check-ups firsthand. These appointments not only help me stay informed about my condition but also empower me to make informed decisions about my health and well-being."

By emphasising the importance of diabetes check-ups, Mid-Powys GPs hope to inspire individuals to prioritise their health and take proactive steps towards managing their diabetes effectively. Through collective action and awareness, we can work towards reducing the burden of diabetes and improving the quality of life for individuals affected by this condition.

For more information on diabetes check-ups and resources available, please go to https://pthb.nhs.wales/services/keeping-well-while-you-wait/advice-and-support/diabetes/