The Head of the UK Scouting movement has said they feel "disappointed" and "let down" following this month's chaotic World Scout Jamboree in South Korea.

Matt Hyde, Scouts UK Chief Executive, has said the 4,500 young people and adults from Scouts UK have been relocated from the Jamboree site in Gunsan-si to Seoul.

The UK representatives, including Scouts from Brecon, are among those who have been moved to hotel rooms in the South Korea capital.

The action was taken because of safety concerns.

"The first [reason] is that we were particularly concerned about sanitation and the cleanliness of the toilets - that were causing severe concerns for us from a health and safety point of view," said Mr Hyde.

"In addition to that we were worried about food and those with dietary requirements, in particular, and the amount of food that was available.

"We were concerned also about the heat. It's punishingly hot here in Korea. It's an unprecedented heatwave. But we were concerned about the heat relief measures that were being put in place.

"And finally we were concerned about medical services."

"We are disappointed in the organisers and the organisation and we do feel let down - but the Jamboree journey continues for us," added Mr Hyde.

A programme of activities has been pulled together at short notice for UK Scouts, now in Seoul, which Mr Hyde says is largely thanks to help from the British Embassy. This includes water activities, trekking activities, city bus tours, and cultural exchanges.

Positive stories are emerging from what has been a disappointing Jamboree.

A local football team in Seoul reached out to UK Scouts and offered them 4,000 tickets to watch a game of football.

"I am truly inspired by the response of our adult volunteers and our young people," said Mr Hyde.

"They are a credit to Scouting and a credit to the UK."

The 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea is taking place from August 1 -12.

Described as the world's largest youth camp, the festival saw 4,500 Scouts from the UK join with 40,000 others from around the world.

Many other countries have also left the Jamboree site in Gunsan-si, following campsite problems.

The event has been plagued with issues, including a tropical storm, which came after a period of heavy rainfall in the week prior to the event.

Participants have also complained about poor sanitation and food quality, and a lack of shelter, which has led to accusations of lack of preparation by the organisers.