Residents of the Sennybridge area joined a morning of creating a community garden and a hotspot for nature on March 24 at Coedwaungar Park.

The community came together to install raised beds, plant fruit trees and flowering plants, and erect bird boxes and insect hotels.

Maescar Community Council secured the Local Places for Nature funding from Powys County Council to spend at Coedwaungar and in and around Sennybridge. The aim is to encourage nature, enhance the natural spaces in the community and bring some colour to the village. A range of different edible fruit trees were planted, including apple, pear, plum and cherry.

One of the raised beds will be used to grow vegetables for the community. It can be used for demonstrations to inspire the next generation of growing local produce at home. It is a space to be used and enjoyed by all.

Back in October another Community Day was held to plant spring bulbs. The rain managed to hold off for the activities and it felt like Spring had finally arrived.

The fund has helped to create a space for encouraging wildlife with the many bee and butterfly-friendly flowering plants that were planted, and an area for the community to enjoy, relax and connect with nature.

A competition was held for the children on the day for the best drawing of nature or of the wild. All the entries were of a high standard making it very difficult to judge, the children all worked hard.

Marc Williams, Community Councillor, said “it was fantastic to see so many turn up, including all the children, to the Community Day at the park. Thank you to everyone for all their help to make the day a success and for those who supported by donating materials. Fun was had by all getting together to catch up and enjoying being outdoors! It is so vital to create spaces like this for nature, for children to understand and learn about the importance of the natural world which will help them to appreciate and protect it now and in the future”.