Friends and families turned out to the Reclaim the Night walk in Brecon on Saturday, 9 March for its third edition in the town.

The walk promoting safer streets for all began at Theatr Brycheiniog and attendees made the short walk through the town lead by a piper, with banners in hand.

The walk ended at the Guildhall.

Addressing those in attendance, Cllr Michaela Davies said: “What a great turnout of for our third ‘Reclaim the Night’ march. Tonight is about uniting, coming together whatever your gender, to take a stand and using your voices to say violence against women is not acceptable in any way.

“We march to say women and girls should not be made to feel uncomfortable. We march to say women and girls should not be followed or harassed. We march to say women and girls should not have to live in fear at the thought of sexual violence and together we can reclaim the night for our daughters, ourselves and our granddaughters. So once again, thank you all for coming.”

Reclaim the Night 2024
Reclaim the Night walkers outside Y Gaer. (B&R)

In a speech given by Cllr Matthew Dorrance, he said: “It is so good to see how this event is growing in numbers each year and to see more people come onboard to say how important it is to end male violence against women and girls. I’m really pleased to see men here because it is men who need to talk about this. we have a role in our communities to call out misogyny and abuse and we need to tell the next generation that violence against women and girls is not acceptable. I encourage you all to sign the White Ribbon Pledge online, a pledge that men and women can sign to say that they will never accept or condone violence against women and I implore you all to do that.”

Reclaim the Night
A homemade banner was held of Sarah Everard, who was tragically kidnapped and murdered in South London in 2021. (B&R)

Event organiser, Cllr Liz Rijnenberg said: “Each year more people come along, which is really encouraging in terms of understanding the risks that women still face walking in the streets and it’s really important that we can go about our business and feel safe doing whatever we want without any restrictions