Volunteers across Brecon and Radnor have been taking to the roads to ensure migrating toads and frogs cross safely.

In areas such as Presteigne, Eardisley, Hay-On-Wye and Llanfrynach, residents have been gathering to ensure toads and frogs are getting across the roads without being run over. The Radnorshire Wildlife Trust say it is estimated that 20 tonnes of unlucky toads are killed on the UK’s roads every year. If more than 1,000 toads are known to hop across a road in a particular spot, it is dubbed a 'toad crossing'.

Some people have said they have seen ‘hundreds’ crossing the road, and concerned volunteers are worried many are dying from increased traffic.

According to the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, spring is a common migration time for toads and frogs. Normally following damp weather, the toads and frogs head back to their birthplace to reproduce.

Toads are known to use the same migration route back home to their breeding ponds and usually move around Valentine’s Day. Usually coming out at night, it means that many toads and frogs have to cross the roads to get back to their original habitat.

However many charities have noticed that increased traffic, road deaths and loss of breeding ponds are having a ‘significant impact’ on toad populations. Drivers are asked to slow down and be aware of any toads that may be crossing.