This historic pub that sits on the site of an old Roman gold mine is looking for a new tenant.

The Dolaucothi Arms, in Pumsaint near Llandeilo, sits between the Twrch and Cothi rivers and is part of the Dolaucothi estate.

dolaucothi arms
The site is home to the UK's only known Roman gold mine. (National Trust)

The site is the UK’s only known Roman gold mine location, with the 2,500 acre estate including parklands, woodlands, and buildings such as the Dolaucothi Arms that offer hospitality along with history.

The Romans began mining the area between 70 and 80AD, with some of the original pick marks from miners still visible in the attraction today, and gold items found near the mines displayed in the British Museum.

dolaucothi arms
The building dates back to the 16th century. (National Trust)

There was also a military fort on the site, called Luentinum, which is thought to have been centred where the pub now stands.

The Romans abandoned the mines in the 3rd century, and over the years others used the network they had created, including the South Wales Gold Mining Company, the Ogofau Proprietary Gold Mining Company, and Cothy Mines.

dolaucothi arms
The pub has accommodation for the owners as well as letting rooms. (National Trust)

The pub itself was established in the 16th century, and was once visited by Victorian travel writer George Borrow, whose works included ‘Wild Wales 1854’.

The property is made up of two bars and restaurants, four en-suite letting bedrooms for guests, and two-bedroom accommodation for the tenants.

dolaucothi arms
The pub comes with plenty of outdoor space. (National Trust)

Outside, there is space for a large garden with the potential to grow fruits and vegetables - and of course, the rest of the Dolaucothi site offers plenty of greenery and walking trails.

The house is being let by the National Trust, with the rates available upon request.

The Trust said: “We are seeking a new tenant who is passionate about nature, people, and the local landscape, with the vision to raise the profile of the pub in 2023 and beyond.

“We believe that people need historic, beautiful and natural places.

“Whether visitors are looking for a quick bite to eat and drink, or full bed and breakfast, the next tenant will celebrate local identity.”