Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team were called out yesterday (Monday, July 31) to Bike Park Wales to assist an injured rider.

The rider had suffered a spinal injury.

The rescue team were called upon to help extricate the lady from the mountain after the Bike Park's First Responder Medics had carried out the necessary medical treatment.

The team members took the casualty to an awaiting Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust ambulance.

Shortly after arriving home from the previous callout, the team were called into action again to assist a young woman who had experienced a medical episode and fainted in the waterfalls area near Ystradfellte.

The mountain rescue team's Casualty Carer Medics worked with WAST HART Paramedics with administrating the necessary medication to be able to get her on to the team's stretcher.

She was then carried to Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team's control vehicle and taken to hospital.

A spokesperson from Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team said: "We of course send our best wishes to both casualties for their speedy recoveries."

The team worked on both callouts for seven hours, with 17 team members attending in total.