An award-winning travel writer born and raised in Cardiff has written a travel book where he explores Wales via the A470.

The inspiration for the book came from the want to explore what was beyond where he grew up in Cardiff, South Wales. Noting that North Wales always felt like an exotic ‘other’ place, where landscape and culture changed from that in the South.

Marc P. Jones, the author, decided he wanted to embark on a road trip along the A470, starting from South Wales. Running from Cardiff to Llandundno in the North of Wales, the A470 is 185 miles long. The road is longest in Wales and is considered an important link through Wales.

The author picked his mode of transport as a scooter, riding it from Cardiff to Betws-y-Coed. The book tells an account of his journey through Wales, and is part travel writing. He describes the places and people as he travels through them.

As someone who grew up and lived in Cardiff and speaks English only, the book asks the question: is he really Welsh, or is he less Welsh than those in the North of Wales?

Marc explores Wales from cosmopolitan Cardiff to the historic Victorian resorts in the North of Wales, using his old trusty scooter. From post-industrial valleys to stunning Welsh mountains, the A470 allows Marc to discover his homeland. Discovering what unites and divides us throughout the different regions in Wales.

Born in Cardiff, Marc P. Jones has a passion for travel and writing, and was nominated for Best New Travel Writer of 2021 at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. He has also written on cricket and on music for Record Collector magazine.

Published by Calon, University of Wales Press, The Long, Unwinding Road is be released in April 2024. The book is available to pre-order on Amazon.