Brecon’s favourite poetry preacher has now read a poem for the past 1000 days.

Sian Drinan, a member of Brecon’s Town Council has been reading a poem a day for the past 1000 days, and now she claims she may have to contact the Guinness Book of World Records to see if they’re interested.

She began reading her poems in lockdown, but since then, they’ve become enshrined in her daily routine.

Sian said: “Well, I’ve been told I may have to contact the Guinness Book of World Records and see if they’d be at all interested.

“It is now an essential part of my daily life, if I’m not recording myself reading one I am reading one for myself and my pleasure.

“I see a poem somewhere and I make a note of it and I keep that one. So yes, it has become part of my being now I suppose.

It’s odd because in a way because if you had said to me when I started that I’d read 1000 poems, I’d have thought it would be amazing, but when you do it as a daily thing it has become more of a routine.

“So, as I kept reading a poem every day and ticking off the hundreds it became more normal for me.”

Unfortunately, though, the end is now in sight for Sian’s poetry readings.

Previously, she teased calling it quits following the 1000th reading, however, after careful consideration she made the decision to continue until the third anniversary in March of 2023.

But after the anniversary, she still refuses to close the book entirely.

“I shall carry on until March and have a think about doing it on a less regular basis.

“Maybe, weekly or twice a week so that the people who listen do have something out there.”

“I don’t want to stop doing it completely because they really do mean something to the people that listen to them on a daily basis,” added Sian.