A leaked briefing note has claimed that the MS for Brecon and Radnorshire has labelled members of his constituency who oppose plans to build overhead power lines throughout the area as “Nimbys”.

James Evans MS allegedly made the disparaging comments to the director of external affairs at Bute Energy, Aled Rowlands, over a Microsoft Teams call, reportedly stating, that he has no time for people who have moved from London into £4m houses complaining about their view and loss of property value.

However, Mr Evans has responded, claiming that he doesn’t recognise the comments that were reportedly made on Friday, October 7, but stopping short of admitting they were untrue.

The contents of the briefing note, which has been leaked to the Brecon and Radnor Express said: “This is the first time that JE [James Evans] and AR [Aled Rowlands] had met they but have a number of mutual acquaintances.

“However an understanding was established and an open conversation was had to enable JE to answer constituents lobbying for the connection to be undergrounded.

“He said he was “not massively against pylons” but knew some of his Conservative colleagues were, and that going underground “will be a nightmare.”

Following this, the note details the alleged discussion between the two regarding the progress of the project and Mr Evans’ apparent jab at constituents who would oppose the plans.

It states: “He was very dismissive of those opposing OHL [Overhead lines] saying that they are NIMBYS and he has no time for people who have moved from London into £4m houses complaining about their view and loss of property value and wanting less affluent people to pay more on their energy bills.

“However he said that some of his colleagues were dead against and we had a job on our hands.

“He said that this would be a national issue for the Welsh Conservative party, and one where they should get a ‘party line’ on.

“He said that some communities would be ‘up in arms’ with pylons and offered to talk through our plans and give advice on where would be difficult and where we should avoid.

“He said he would do this on a confidential basis and to be helpful.”

The alleged comments were brought to the attention of James Evans MS, and he responded, stating:

“I do not recognise the content of this briefing note.

“I will always robustly stand up for my constituents’ interests and concerns.”