An owner of two donkeys is appealing for information after one of her donkeys was stolen from their field overnight.

Amy Doran, from Llandeilo, took to Facebook to share the distressing news that her donkey, Winston, was stolen from his field on the 9th of December. She fears that he has been stolen to be sold on to make money before Christmas.

Winston has been separated from his mate, Rudi, near Taliaris, with Amy saying that if Winston is not returned, her remaining donkey will 'die of a broken heart'. According to The Donkey Sanctuary, donkeys are 'social animals' and 'require the company of other donkeys to ensure their welfare needs are met.'

She said: 'Donkeys can die if separated, that's how strong the bond is. Worst case scenario is trying to find another old grieving donkey from someone else who needs a home to replace Winston. If Winston isn't returned, Rudi could end up getting very sick.'

She shared a video of Rudi alone in their field, captioning it: 'One very upset old donkey.'

Writing on Facebook, Amy said: "20-year-old donkey stolen. We have a very depressed partner donkey and of course we are devastated that Winston has been taken from his field. Our two daughters will be devastated when they find out. Please keep your eyes peeled at Christmas fairs, horse sales, or private sales. We are absolutely devastated and if not found he and his long term donkey pal will die of a broken heart. Donkeys cannot be separated if they have paired up."

She has said that whoever has taken him can drop him back in his field, as she just wants him home.

Amy has said her children will be devastated when they find out
Amy has said her children will be devastated when they find out (Amy Doran)