An online documentary has looked into the appearance of the monolith atop the Hay Bluff, asking if it was placed there by aliens.

Gari Jones, a UFO researcher and investigator, created a documentary and uploaded it to Rumble, citing the worldwide news that reported on the appearance.

At the beginning of March, a steel object appeared on the mountain and was discovered by Craig Muir.

Speaking in his documentary, Gari said: “I keep myself grounded when it comes to things like this. Although there may have been a possibility there is alien or UFO involvement, you are never going to know until you investigate for yourself.”

Gari joined Craig on the mountain to go and investigate the monolith himself.

Gari said: “I do believe it is a man-made structure. There is no UFO or alien thing here. It’s something the news has concocted for media attention.”

Meanwhile, a mountain leader captured a video of someone in the area on a quad bike, joking that they were an ‘MI6 alien investigator.’

John Tierney, who runs Connect Outside, said: “I was recently discussing with friends that there is a real challenge in today’s world to hold still amidst every dichotomy. Hear opposing but equally valid views, and be accepting of the other. Whoever has put it there isn’t stupid, it’s to draw attention to the place. Spark debate. And that’s what it’s done. They know the anonymity triggers intrigue and the global ‘whodunnit’ is fun.”

He’s said that the monolith has attracted people to visit nature: “I spoke to small children and their parents ‘off to see the spaceship’ that would never have climbed the bluff in this weather. All people are welcome to roam the open hillside. I hope they respect it.”

Speaking to the Brecon and Radnor Express, Craig said: “I go up there every day. I noticed it and went to investigate. It was made of shiny metal, looking like stainless steel. When I found it there were no footprints or signs anyone had been around it, so I just shared it online.”

Nobody has come forward to claim the monolith.