Year 4 and 5 pupils from Ysgol y Mynydd Du showcased their performing and creative skills on Tuesday, July 26 to parents, carers and fellow pupils as part of the school’s Lead Creative Schools Project.

The school have taken part in the project for the second year running. 

The event showcased work they have been doing since January with actor, Justin Davies, from Arts organisation Louby Lou’s, and Tessa Waite from the Arts Council of Wales.

The project was centred around imagination and creativity.

On the sharing afternoon, the children showcased their work to parents, carers and pupils with some excellent acting performances from scripts they had written. 

They also produced and shared their audio dramas they had recorded which could be accessed using QR codes. 

Riddles they had made up were presented around the school hall and a drawing exercise to themed music took place, with even the parents trying their hand at some artistic work.

Justin, who has been working with the children throughout this project commented on what a pleasure it was to work with the school. He said: “When I came in, the age that they are – Year 4 and 5 – it’s that stage of peak imagination, but all they would tell me about was Pokémon and YouTube, but now throughout this project they want to get up and perform and do different creative things.

“They’re a great group and it’s been really nice to see them grow. A lot of work I’ve done is about getting them to write their own scripts and come up with their own ideas. 

“I was in a play called ‘Gangsta Granny’ from David Walliams’ book on the West End and obviously it’s perfect for their age, so when they found out I did that they wanted to know more about it so I brought the script in for them.

“But them performing up there (on stage) is nothing to do with me, it’s all their own initiative and that’s what these projects are all about. We come in, give them a few tools, and the children just take it and run with it.”