Emily Durrant-Munro has been selected by Plaid Cymru members in Brecon, Radnorshire and Cwmtawe to be the candidate for the 2024 UK General Election due this year.

Emily was a Powys County Councillor for the Llangors Ward between 2017 and 2022 and was the first Green Party County Councillor in Wales.

Emily has two degrees and a successful career in agriculture and food supply chains. She previously led a rural development project, working with more than 250 farmers to raise the bar of best practices and introduce sustainable innovations. Emily currently works with global agri-food businesses to understand and manage the GHG and biodiversity impacts of their agricultural supply.

Emily said: “It’s time we stop this nonsense of environment vs food, climate vs farmers, Labour vs Conservatives. Our farmers are being treated as pawns in a political game, blown this way and that. It has to stop.

“We can’t keep saying or, we have to start saying and. We need food and a stable climate. We need food and living rivers, we need farmers and nature restoration. The real villains here are not the farmers, neither are they the birds and butterflies.

“The Conservative Government in Westminster has deprived Wales of £billions of funding since Brexit, including slashing funding available for Wales’ agricultural budget by 100s of £millions. Welsh Labour has handled the introduction of a Wales farming scheme poorly, losing the trust of the farming community. This is a planetary crisis and it will involve some change, but pushing farmers and people out of rural areas is not the answer.

Elwyn Vaughan, Plaid Cymru group leader at Powys County Council stated "I welcome Emily as the candidate for the constituency. She was a valuable member of the team at Powys County Council and her breadth of experience and knowledge especially with farming, rural affairs and environmental matters will make her an ideal candidate for this constituency when so many challenges are being faced by these communities."