On Friday, December 1, Brecon Bouncers Trampoline Club held their last ever session as trampoline coach, Sue Goodhead, decided to call it a day, retiring after 26 years at the helm.


Past and present members of the club showed up for the final session in an emotional farewell at Freedom Leisure Centre in Brecon, where final certificates and chocolates were handed out.


The evening brought members together who hadn’t seen each other for years.

Sue gave medals to each of the children and in return the children and Co-coach Rhiannon gifted Sue flowers and a trophy to show their appreciation.


Sue, who has recently turned 70-years-old, had been coaching and living in England before moving to Brecon where no one was doing trampolining. She founded the club in 1997 but could only accommodate for young children as the hall space they used at Freedom Leisure Centre in Brecon had a very low ceiling. Once those children had grown, the club moved into the larger hall space at the leisure centre, which they used up until the discontinuation of the club this month.


Since Sue decided to retire, the club has not been able to find a qualified coach to take over from her role, resulting in the club to be discontinued.


Speaking to the club members and parents, Sue said: “I’m so amazed at how many of you turned up. Thank you for all being so wonderful and thank you to the parents for bringing them along. My aim has always been for people to develop as individuals.”


One parent said: “Sue’s a fantastic teacher. It’s an era that will be missed, especially for the youngsters; it’s so good for them, their physical fitness and it brings them out of themselves. It builds their confidence too and that’s going to be lost unfortunately but Sue’s done her term and I’m hoping somebody else will take over from her.”