On the final Saturday of August, Crickhowell Rotary’s annual Duck Race returned to The Bullpit Meadow after a two-year absence.

Hundreds of ducks were seen floating down the River Usk, before being scooped up in nets, as the community came together for fun and friendly competition.

Although a highly successful ‘virtual duck race’ fundraiser took place in 2021 it was not practical to organise a physical race and field events due to the restrictive nature of Covid regulations.

This year’s organiser Brian Brookshaw said: “It was terrific to see so many people enjoying themselves on the Bullpit Meadow this year following a two-year absence.

“There was loads to see and do through a wide range of activities, fun stalls, competitions, catering outlets and even solar observations leading to the discovery of huge solar flare approximately 100,000 miles long!

“You could say our aspirations this year were cosmic in nature and intent. Rotarians aside, we were successfully supported by a large number of volunteers who organised range of entertaining stalls and events by the Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau led by Ms Kerry Crossfield.”

Crickhowell Rotary President Kevin Phillips was delighted by the turnout and the continued generosity of the community and visitors.

An incredible £8536 was raised from the event, which will be split between Rotary charities and five good causes within the community - Clarence Hall, Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau, Living with Dementia, Powys Young Carers and St David’s Hospice.

Reflecting on the period since early 2021 Mr Phillips said: “The challenges we have all gone through in the last two years have had a considerable impact on our lives .

“For the Rotary Club it has brought about a Duck Race event that not only supports Rotary charities and its work, but specifically enables good causes in the local area to piggy back their own fundraising activities on our duck race. It is a truly sharing event.”

The Rotary Club also continues to build on the success of the ‘Virtual Duck Race’ established in 2021. The online element of it remains an important part of its success.

Mr Phillps said: “I am delighted that the growing membership of our club, together with wider external relationships we are able to be more effective in developing the Duck Race as an occasion in which the whole community can actively engage.

“This result means our fundraising is enhanced and that underpins our support of local and Rotary charities and our wider service to our community.”

Mr Brookshaw added: “The club is grateful to everyone involved with the Duck Race - sponsors, volunteers, those that bought tickets and everyone who turned up on the day to help make it such a special occasion.”