Five fruiting trees planted for Llandrindod Wells community

Tuesday 31st May 2022 11:06 am
Jake Berriman (third from the right) with residents planting the trees
Jake Berriman (third from the right) with residents planting the trees (Photos supplied by Cllr Berriman )

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A Powys County Councillor has helped to revitalise an area of Llandrindod Wells so that residents can benefit from fresh fruit.

The “overlooked corner of ground”, which is tucked away between Heighway Court and the old Waterloo Road trading estate, has now completed its first phase of works including the introduction of five fruiting trees.

Councillor Jake Berriman, who represents Llandrindod North, spend the winter months in discussions with both local residents and Steve Gealy of Powys Countryside Services to have another look at the site.

The five fruit trees were recently planted - including two apple trees, two pear trees and a greengage tree - which residents plan on looking after.

The group helping to plant the trees in Llandrindod
The group helping to plant the trees (Photos supplied by Cllr Berriman )

Carol Frewin, the nearest neighbour to the site, said: “It is lovely to see something being done with the land. The idea of being able to pop over here and pick an apple when I wish is marvellous.

“I will be very happy to come out and water the trees until they take hold and look can after themselves.”

Nelson Street resident Steve Simmons was one of a group of locals who answered the call to help plant the new trees.

He said: “Hopefully when grown the fruit will be available for young people to eat on the way to and from school, for which this green space provides a shortcut. I am delighted with this initiative and wish to thank Powys Council for supplying the trees and other materials”.

The mayor of the Radnorshire town congratulated Cllr Berriman on the planting of the trees, the event and for “galvanising local support”.

Cllr Jake Berriman
(Cllr Jake Berriman )

Cllr Lauren Weerdmeester-Price, who also came along to support the project and to share his extensive knowledge of tree care, said: “It is a privilege to be involved in community projects like this.

“I just think that it is a wonderful idea and am pleased to see so many people coming out and having a chat about the tree planting, the planned safe footpath link and possible options for a new play area when funds become available.

“Cllr Jake really must be congratulated for galvanising local support and organising today’s event”.


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