As the festive season approaches, the General Practitioners (GPs) in Mid Powys are urging residents to prioritise their health by taking proactive steps to ensure a merry and healthy Christmas.

With the aim of promoting well-being and minimising health-related disruptions during the holiday season, the following key points have been emphasised:

Order prescriptions early: GPs advise residents to order their prescriptions well in advance to allow ample time for processing. By doing so, individuals can avoid potential delays and ensure they have an adequate supply of medications over the festive period.

Be aware of opening times: Knowing the opening times of local surgeries and pharmacies during Christmas is essential. In case of closures, residents are encouraged to call NHS 111 for immediate support or visit the NHS Wales 111 website for valuable information and guidance.

Create a well-stocked medicine cabinet: GPs recommend preparing a well-stocked medicine cabinet with essential items such as paracetamol. Having these basic supplies readily available can be invaluable in managing minor ailments and common health issues during the holidays.

Gareth Ratcliffe, PAVO Health Promotions Facilitator, a Mid Powys GP community representative, emphasises the importance of these measures: "Taking a few simple steps to plan ahead can make a significant difference in ensuring a healthy and enjoyable Christmas for everyone. Ordering prescriptions early, being aware of opening times, and having a well-stocked medicine cabinet are practical ways to safeguard your health during the festive season."

Mid Powys GPs would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the community for their cooperation and commitment to health. They wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year filled with joy, good health, and moments of togetherness.