Powys residents have been reminded of the importance of attending regular asthma reviews.

Living with asthma requires proactive management and regular monitoring to ensure optimal health and well-being. One crucial aspect of asthma care that often goes overlooked is attending regular asthma reviews with your local surgery.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition affecting millions worldwide. While advancements in treatment have improved the quality of life for many asthma sufferers, consistent monitoring remains essential. Asthma reviews conducted by your surgery offer a vital opportunity for patients to assess their asthma control, discuss any concerns, and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Gareth Ratcliffe, PAVO Health promotions facilitator, said: “Asthma reviews are not just routine check-ups; they are pivotal in ensuring that patients are receiving the most appropriate and effective treatment for their condition.

“During these reviews, healthcare providers evaluate asthma symptoms, assess lung function, review medication usage, and provide education on asthma management techniques."

Despite their importance, there is a recent trend of patients skipping or postponing asthma reviews. This can have serious consequences, including poorly controlled symptoms, increased risk of asthma attacks, and even hospitalisation.

You can also get extra support via the NHS asthma app. This will allow you to manage, monitor and learn about your Asthma. The self-management app is here to help you understand and manage your symptoms on a day-to-day basis. You can download it at https://healthhub.wales/asthmahub/ 

If you are concerned about your asthma and are overdue a review, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local surgery. 

For more information on asthma management and to access resources available please visit: https://pthb.nhs.wales/services/keeping-well-while-you-wait/advice-and-support/respiratory/