Keen gardener, Evelyn Morgans is regularly told by passers by that her Brecon home has the best garden in Brecon.

Evelyn has been planting and looking after her flowers since she moved to Brecon with her husband in 1997.

Begonias, Geraniums, Albizias, Roses, and Busy Lizzies, also known as Impatiens make up the pots and baskets of Evelyn's front garden giving The Avenue a flash of colour.

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In years gone past Evelyn has been recognised for her gardening efforts, coming second or third in a few competitions.

Evelyn still receives praise for her lovely flower pots and hanging baskets with many telling her she has the best garden in Brecon.

Evelyn said: "If I'm deadheading or something, sometimes I'll have people walking by say 'your flowers are beautiful' and it means a lot to me.

"I do it all myself, and I'm very glad of the rain at the moment because it waters my flowers for me!"

Evelyn and her husband, Trevor Morgans, both turned 90-years-old this year, and got married in 1959 after growing up on neighbouring farms in Pontfaen..

65 years later, they are still happily together in Brecon.

Speaking on Evelyn's passion for plants, Trevor told The Brecon & Radnor Express: "She does it all herself, she's flower mad!"