Suppliers of goods and services to Powys County Council, worth an estimated £250 million a year, can now access more support and advice to do so effectively.

The council has updated its webpage on the topic to provide more information on where to find tender opportunities, new legal requirements and associated training, and ways to cut your business' carbon footprint.

The Procurement and Contracts webpage also links to the council's Procurement Strategy, its Contracts Register and information on safeguarding.

Jane Thomas, the council's Director of Corporate Services said: "There are lots of opportunities for businesses to provide a wide range of goods and services to the council each year, to help us meet the needs of the people of Powys. We want to help them do this in the most effective way possible so, that we can spend the money we receive responsibly and in a way that helps us achieve our own objectives of creating a stronger, fairer and greener Powys."

For additional advice on supplying Powys County Council email: [email protected].

However, tender specific queries should be made through the messaging routes available on Sell2Wales and eTenderWales.