Fay Jones MP has expressed great satisfaction with Openreach's announcement that the community of Llyswen is now eligible for UK Government broadband vouchers.

This initiative is set to provide ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to local homes and businesses, significantly enhancing connectivity in the area.

However, there's a pressing concern as Openreach has issued a warning: Llyswen risks missing out on this upgrade if the community doesn’t actively apply for the free UK Government broadband vouchers. These vouchers are essential in securing faster and more reliable internet services.

Emphasising the urgency, Ms Jones has urged all residents of Llyswen to check their eligibility by visiting www.openreach.com/connect-my-community.

By simply entering their postcode and pledging for a voucher, which incurs no cost to residents, they can enable Openreach to collaborate with the community in constructing a tailored, co-funded network.

This initiative is particularly crucial for extending ultrafast, reliable network coverage to areas like Llyswen, which are often overlooked by private investment ventures. The broadband vouchers, when pooled together, can significantly contribute to this much-needed expansion.

For more information and to pledge for a voucher, residents should visit www.openreach.com/connect-my-community.

Ms Jones said: “This is a unique opportunity for Llyswen to elevate the community's digital infrastructure to a new level of connectivity.

"I am actively encouraging every eligible resident and business to participate in this programme, ensuring that Llyswen does not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a full fibre upgrade.

"I will continue encouraging Openreach to add further parts of the constituency to the voucher scheme and announce new areas as they become available.”