A longstanding director at Specsavers Brecon has stood down as her two partners become 50/50 owners.

Rachel Stephens and Donna Like will continue to head up the High Street store after Clare Corcoran sold her shares in the business.

Ms Stephens joined the team in 2009 as a 16-year-old Saturday girl and has since risen through the ranks becoming a director just last year. She recently completed an Independent Prescribing course, meaning she can directly prescribe medication to customers, reducing the number of GP referrals and easing the pressure on the NHS.

Her business partner, Ms Like, also Brecon born and bred, is celebrating 20 years with Specsavers Brecon, having started when the store first opened as an optical advisor in 2003. Ms Like became director alongside Ms Corcoran in 2016.

Ms Corcoran had been a partner at Specsavers Brecon since 2004 before standing down last month to focus on her role as divisional chair for Wales, as well as continue to head up the Llanishen store in Cardiff.

Ms Stephens said: "We know Clare will be missed by many of our Brecon customers – she had built up some really close relationships with our community. For me personally, she’s been there since the start of my career, so I’ll be sad to see her go.

"Donna and I have already worked together for a number of years so we look forward to continuing to deliver the best level of eye and audiology care to our customers."

The duo were both part of the team that saw the Brecon store invest in a £300,000 expansion in 2020 due to increasing customer demands. The store will also celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year.

To find out more information about Specsavers Brecon, request an appointment or browse the online store, visit www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/brecon.