Concerns have been raised by Brecon residents regarding proposed parking restrictions in the town.

Three of the areas in Brecon which are subject to a parking restriction proposal from Powys County Council - sections of the Bulwark, Rich Way and Canal Road.

These include the timing of the consultation period itself, which runs over the Christmas and New Year period - ending this week - and an alleged 'disconnect' between local people and the reasons behind the proposals.

The consultation period runs from December 20, 2023 to January 12, 2024.

Further information about the proposal and consultation, including maps, can be found here on Powys County Council's website.

The Order proposes to:

Introduce prohibition of waiting at any time, on sections of:

•C1060 Ffwrdgrech Road

•U0708 Gwttas Path Newton Green

•C0037 The Avenue

•U0719 St Johns Road

•U0721 North Road

•U0835 Honddu Court

•C0250 Bulwark

•U0746 Belle Vue Gardens

•U0743 Cerrigcochion Lane

•U0744 Maescelyn

•U0754 Canal Road

•U0802 Rich Way

•U0754 Cwrt Conway spur Brecon Theatre

•B4601 Watton

Introduce disabled badge holders 3-hour parking, on sections of:

•U0716 Prospect Close

•C0250 Wheat Street

•C0250 Bulwark

Introduce prohibition of waiting, loading/unloading 8am - 6pm, on sections of:

•C0037 The Avenue

•U0737 Pegusus Lane

Introduce no stopping except taxis, on sections of:

•C0250 Bulwark

To revoke restrictions on a section of:

•C0223 Struet

Brecon town councillor and local businessman Steve Morgans (St David Ward) voiced his concerns about the consultation this week.

"It doesn't make any sense running the consultation over Christmas and New Year," he told the Brecon & Radnor Express.

"Many people go away during this time and wouldn't have the chance to have their voices heard about this very important issue. This is very important for Brecon and could have a huge impact."

Cllr Morgans added that some of the proposed restrictions could affect local businesses, and encouraged people to engage with the consultation and have their say.

He also claimed that he doesn't "get told anything" and criticised an alleged lack of transparency from the county council.

"I think it's just a money making exercise to make people use the car parks, which have obviously gone up in price too, which isn't always the right option for everyone," he said.

"It's another form of taxation."

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: "Prior to the start of the Traffic Order Consultation on parking restriction in Brecon, Powys County Council officers worked closely with local councillors to ensure the proposals met with the expectations of their constituents.

"The consultation has been advertised, as per statutory requirements, in the press and notices on site as well as on the council website and emails sent to statutory consultees. The closing date is 12 January, leaving time for people to respond post-Christmas if needed."

Brecon resident, Steve Dougan spoke to the Brecon & Radnor Express regarding his concerns about one of the proposed restrictions - on the C0160 Ffrwdgrech Road near where he lives.

He said: “From my point of view, this was put on us over the Christmas period without any consultation or engagement with the people it’s going to affect. 

 “It would appear to me there’s a bit of a disconnect between the public and understanding what they are trying to achieve but also the reasoning behind it.  

 “I’ve asked the travel and traffic department for South Powys and their indication was that it’s due to the flow of traffic, which I find really strange in as much as where their proposals appear to be, and I’m not 100 percent, even at this stage exactly what they’re looking to do, it’s going to be underneath the flyover on the bypass at the top end of Ffrwdgrech Road. 

 “When I brought this up to them and asked for the reason behind it, I said you have the widest part of the road at that point, with regards to obstruction of traffic in the road, I see that as being the best part of the street. So, their statement didn’t really help understand the reasoning behind it, because like I said it is the widest part of the road and that’s where they’re looking at putting parking restrictions. 

 “They are now engaging with me and other members of the street, but there doesn’t seem to be a clearly defined justification for it or a reason, like a number of accidents being there or a number of issues there, because there hasn’t been. 

 “As a collective group of residents, if we were given a good reason for it, we’d be behind them one hundred percent, but at the moment we don’t fully understand why they want to do it. 

 “The other issue I have brought up with Councillor David Meredith is that we live in a National Park. If you’re coming up from a city or large town, the National Park has been kept entrusted for the nation of Wales.  

 “I often get visitors to the National Park parking outside my street, mostly in the summer months and they may even park in front of my house, but I have got no issue with that because they come up here to enjoy what I’ve got the luxury of enjoying day to day. Putting me out for a few hours is a small price to pay. 

 “However, if we keep restricting the areas that they can park, you could say to them ‘park at Pen y Fan,’ yes, they can but a lot of people want to visit the other side of Pen y Fan and walk up to Cantref and that area. They’re the people that are more likely to spend money in the town so if I’m out for a couple of hours, I think well great, I have the luxury of living in the National Park, I’m very blessed and very fortunate that I can do this at any time, but that’s not the same for people who have to make a real effort to come here, they might drive 25, 30 miles from Cardiff or some of the bigger towns to enjoy the National Park for what it is.  

 “It’s entrusted for all of us. So, by putting in double yellow lines on Ffrwdgrech Road, it’s going to have the effect of if they (visitors) can’t park where they’ve always parked, they’ll probably park further down the road towards the colleges.  

 “I think they're potentially making an issue by moving visitors traffic closer to town and to the bottom of the street where the road is at its narrowest. They’ll be creating an issue instead of resolving an issue.” 

Having spoken with the department and Cllr David Meredith, Mr Dougan is hopeful for a positive outcome.

He said: “I’m hopeful that an improved communication will be prevalent going forward and also a better understanding of what the issues really are on the street, such as speeding. I would say speed bumps would be a much more valuable addition to Ffrwdgrech Road than double yellow lines.  

 “They have said they’re prepared to meet and discuss with us the restrictions, so in fairness improvements are being made. 

 “I’m upbeat that the department and Cllr Meredith have got back to me and we’re hoping for a much more positive and transparent outcome than just trying to crack a walnut with a sledgehammer. 

 “I’m hopeful that common sense will prevail, and we can handle this in the correct manner and get a positive outcome for the street, not just a forced outcome without any thought.” 

Information about the whole proposal can be found here.

To support, object, or make comments about the Order, your responses need to be submitted in writing, no later than January 12, to:

Traffic & Safety Systems Manager, Traffic Section, Powys County Hall, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG.