Llandrindod’s Jake Berriman said he is “overjoyed” to have been re-elected

By Ariane Brumwell   |   Reporter   |
Friday 6th May 2022 3:28 pm
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Jake Berriman
(Tindle )

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Jake Berriman has said it has been “wonderful” to be re-elected as the Powys County Councillor for Llandrindod North.

The Welsh Liberal Democrat from Llandrindod Wells won 408 votes, compared to Antony Swinbourne of the Green Party who received only 25 votes and Independent candidate Jon Williams who received 159 votes.

When asked how it felt to be elected again, Cllr Berriman told The Brecon & Radnor Express: “Oh it’s wonderful - I’ve worked so hard and I’ve built up relationships with people in the area over time and I just feel that I’m there for them.

“It feels like they’ve come out on this day and said ‘thank you very much” and I guess they want more of the same which is a hard-working candidate who is looking after them and their interests in the town. It’s just elation really.”

When asked whether he had been confident going into today’s election, Cllr Berriman said he was in fact quite nervous.

Cllr Berriman said that while he was nervous, he was “overjoyed” that the result had worked in his favour.

He said: “I wasn’t confident at all, I never take anything or people for granted, votes are hard one and I think it’s important to get out there and speak to people face to face and try to develop relationships and as part of a relationship, this is the other side of that coin but you never know, voting is a very private matter with a lot of people and they’ve exercised their vote and I’m very overjoyed about the result

“I was quite nervous actually. I’ve got a lot of colleagues I’m here to support today and I’m looking forward to the results as they come through.”


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