Hay Camera Club, as part of its strategy to provide more 'outreach' in the local community, on Saturday November 4, organised and delivered a 'Scout Photography badge' event for Scouts across Radnorshire.

Members of the Club gave a series of presentations with practical interludes to a very enthusiastic group of youngsters, the majority of whom used mobile phones. It was two-way learning with club members getting to grips with mobile phone photo app ‘Snapseed’ for the first time.

The Camera Club members were hugely impressed with how the young Scouts grabbed 'abstract/arty' images so quickly and they processed them on the way back to the classroom.

Claire Bunton, Radnorshire County Commissioner for Scouts said: “The day was a huge success, the young people's skills developed immensely as the day went on and they produced some truly stunning pictures.

"Radnor Scouts would like to say a huge thank you to Hay Camera Club. There were lots of smiling faces at the end which shows the young people enjoyed the day and feel they have achieved.” 

The event was organised by club vice chair Nigel Steward, he said: “Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success. I think it is fair to say we all gained something from the day, the use of apps to edit images, how raw talent was tapped to get a good picture. One of the final quotes of the day, was 'I was in the group that took that photo.' The lad seemed quite chuffed that it wasn’t his photo, but he was a part of a small group that made it happen.” 

Hay Camera Club
Radnorshire Scout Gethyn Price receiving the Hay Camera Club Shield for best photograph from Club Chair Peter Seaman.   (Hay Camera Club)

All the Scouts qualified for their badges and Gethyn Price from LLandrindod Wells won the Hay Camera Club shield for the best image of the day.