An evening full of music, laughter and friendship brought to an end the celebrations of Sennybridge YFC’s 80th year.

Tickets for the concert event sold out in 24 hours, so a rethink on the seating arrangement was made to ensure more people could attend - which left standing room only!

The BBQ staff ensured the food was all sold out on the evening.

All profits raised on the evening will be going to The DPJ Foundation, Wales Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation.

Sennybridge YFC started as a calf club, where a group of calves were bought and transported to Cray and Sennybridge and then distributed among the young famers. These were then sold in the autumn after being cared for by the young farmers. No doubt those founder members would be amazed with how the current club looks, and at all the achievements of the members both past and present.

Club chairman, Dafydd Havard, welcomed everyone to the venue which had been the wedding marquee of club member, Sophie, the previous day. He then handed over to the compère for the evening, Meinir Howells, a farmer and TV presenter on S4C who did a fantastic job of keeping everyone entertained while changes on stage went on between acts.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Compère for the event Meinir Howells (Photo supplied)

The evening started with a bang as the stage was filled with past and present members aged from 10 to 60(ish!) who gave a moving rendition of ‘Hafan Gobaith’ ably conducted by Lynne Griffin. All the acts that followed had been performed many years ago at the Guildhall or Theatr Brycheiniog, with most having their original members taking part on the evening.

The concert burst into life with Lulu aka Rhian Dillon performing Boom Bang-a-Bang before the "Not So Synchronized Swimmers" dived into their old act with the audience laughing at their antics.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Lulu - aka Rhian Dillon (Photo supplied)
Sennybridge YFC 80th
The Not So Synchronized Swimmers (Photo supplied)

Helen Jones then sang 'I Dreamed a Dream’ bringing a tear to many an eye.

The sound of a helicopter landing was then heard, before security guards entered the tent for a surprise visit from Charles (Dyfed Watkins) and Camilla (Del Prosser) who sang the well remembered ‘Chu-Chi Face’.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Chu-Chi Face with Dyfed Watkins (Charles) and Del Prosser (Camilla) (Photo supplied)
Sennybridge YFC 80th
Some of the ‘royal’ security team (Photo supplied)

The first time this act was performed “Charles” and “Camilla” weren't married!

The newlyweds, Sophie and Cai, won the game of Mr and Mrs before "7 Little Girls" got into their love bug hoping no one would notice them kissing and hugging Fred in the back seat! It was only the chauffeur who had a shock at the end!

Sennybridge YFC 80th
7 Little Girls and their love bug (Photo supplied)

A moment of reflection was then held from the County President, Gethin Havard, who gave a brief history of Sennybridge YFC, followed by club secretary Libby, who gave an inspirational and moving speech.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
County President Gethin Havard and Club Secretary Libby Davies (Photo supplied)

Cantorion Pontsenni brought the first half to a close, with Owain Evans-Taylor starting the second half. A small group of present and past members then put their twist on the lyrics of ‘Those Were The Days’ written by Bethan Price.

It was 'A Close Shave' on a trip to the (short-sighted) barbers next - with shaving foam going everywhere!

Sennybridge YFC 80th
A Close Shave (Photo supplied)

Following the boys versus the girls singing, the audience enjoyed the "Nuns On The Run' but hopefully they have found their way back to the nunnery now!

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Nuns On The Run (Photo supplied)

A visit to the jungle was next with 'Slowly Slowly Catchy monkey' with lions, crocodiles and gorillas on stage.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey (Photo supplied)

The final sketch of the night was ‘Bubble Trouble’ where three in the bath was a crowd - which left the appreciative audience in howls of laughter.

The evening was finally brought to a close by the Sennybridge YFC Choir for a rendition of the classic ‘Congratulations’ and an outstanding ‘Yma O Hyd’.

Sennybridge YFC 80th
Cantorion Pontsenni in action on the night (Photo supplied)

This concert brings to an end the club's 80th celebrations.

Thanks must go to the Aberbran Fach family, Meinir Howells, David Price who was the accompanist all evening, Lynne Griffin for whipping everyone into shape, Club Presidents Sian and Glyn Price and finally Elin and Ffion Havard who masterminded the whole event.

Diolch o galon am eich holl cefnogaeth!