James Evans MS is deeply concerned about the pressures that farmers are currently facing amid the consultation period of the Sustainable Farming Scheme.

James has heard from mental health charities who all say they are seeing double the amount of phone calls from farmers compared to usual mostly linked to the SFS consultation and the uncertainty about their futures.

At recent consultation events and union gatherings, there has been an unprecedented number of farmers turning up to have their say – all of which saying the Sustainable Farming Scheme is unworkable and will fundamentally damage farming and rural communities.

An independent report commissioned by the Welsh Government into the impact the SFS would have on farmers quotes job losses of 5,500, a hit to the Welsh economy of £200m and a loss in livestock numbers of 122,200.

James Evans MS said: “I can understand the frustration and anger that farmers are feeling right now. We have TB, added bureaucracy, pressure from banks, and now this shambolic Sustainable Farming Scheme proposed by an out-of-touch Labour Minister who is hiding in Cardiff Bay and not listening to the concerns from an industry she is supposed to represent around the Cabinet table.

“Clearly this scheme is not sustainable, it is lunacy, when the impacts are significant as highlighted by an independent report the government itself commissioned.

“We have to let the consultation run, and I urge everyone to have their say before it closes on the 7th March. My office is on hand to help anyone who needs help to fill in the consultation.”