Daniel Connolly has become the latest winner of the Whole Earth Man V Horse race, finishing the course in just two hours, 24 minutes and 38 seconds - a whole 10 minutes before the first horse.

Among more than 1,200 runners and 60 horse riders, Daniel Connolly was the first person to cross the finish line.

Daniel’s victory comes hot off the heels of last year’s winner, Ricky Lightfoot, making Man V Horse history for a runner to beat the horse in two consecutive years. In the event’s long 42-year history, Daniel is just the fourth person ever to win the challenging 22-mile course.

The winner among the horses was DNS Ronaldo, was ridden by Kate Atkinson and took two hours, 34 minutes and 25 seconds.

Avid runners and riders from all over the globe travelled to Wales to take on the nutty race challenge on Saturday, June 10.

The marathon event – sponsored for the ninth time by the UK’s number one peanut butter brand, Whole Earth – is highly sought after amongst the running community. Participants competed against one another across rugged terrain, taking on steep hills, wading through bogs and getting splattered in mud in one of the toughest endurance races in the world and on the hottest day of the year so far.

The Man versus Horse Marathon
The Man versus Horse Marathon is an annual race over 22 miles (Peter Barnett)

Bob Greenough, organiser at Man V Horse, said: “Having a runner complete the event before the horse is so unusual but to have it happen twice in a row is just unbelievable. We were stunned! Huge congratulations to Daniel and all the participants that took on the challenge this year. It was a warm and sunny day and everyone was in great spirits.”

Man V Horse 2023
The quirky race takes place in Llanwrtyd Wells every June (Peter Barnett)

Nicola Turner, Brand Controller at Whole Earth, said: “We were delighted to sponsor Man V Horse again this year for the ninth time. It’s become an integral part of our calendar. This truly nutty race is incredible to be part of. This year joined the race myself as part of the Whole Earth relay team and discovered the unique feeling of taking in beautiful surroundings, whilst fighting for your breath on steep incline after steep incline as well as tentatively listening out for the sound of hooves coming up on your outside – it’s magical yet slightly unnerving at times!”

Delicious Whole Earth peanut butter snacks were provided to all participants at the end of the race providing a good source of plant-based protein and fibre – ideal for active lifestyles.

Whole Earth Man V Horse was born from a bet in the back room of the Neaudd Arms in 1980 (the pub which 40 years on is still the starting point for the race) in which two locals argued over whether man could ever beat a horse in a long-distance race.

The quirky race has gained legendary status amongst endurance runners and tickets sell out in record time.

Whole Earth Man V Horse will return in 2024.